Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Place : Fort Cochin
Attraction : Chinese fishing nets
Food style : Thattukada

A different dining experience to choose the fish you would like to eat ,wait for it to be weighed, agree on the price then carry your purchase to  near by grills where your fish will be coocked and served.The fish market offers a variety of fish and shell fish/ seafood etc. This is where the locals come to shop, and is a good place to stock up if you're self catering.

Local fishermen sell the fish here that has been caught recently, either by boat, or in the cantilevered nets.

The freshest of sea food, the concept is of small shacks cooking for u what you have bought from the fishing nets. You can sit on a beachside, see the locals operate the fishing nets, sip in a beer or two, hard rinks also (not legal but u can do it) and just chill. maybe if u r a bit too adventurous you can help in catching the catch which can be cooked for you

Try the grilled prawns in garlic sauce, or the local freshwater KARIMEAN.Grilled lobsters are nice and fresh crabs in coconut sauce....all this with fresh brown bread or the traditional rice plate.

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